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SEAL Filmspray

SEAL Filmspray

was developed for the extreme climatic conditions in the USA and Australia.

No matter whether the conditions are icy, sauna-bath-like, full of ultraviolet radiation and gleaming light or salt fog - SEAL-Filmspray provides a protective sealing and insulation. Perfect long-lasting, hardwearing anti-corrosion, even if exposed to aggressive gases, seawater and industrial sewage as well as acid rain. The protective layer can easily be removed when no longer needed. Ideally designed for the protection of bare machines and machine members, excellent for the preservation of workpieces made of iron, steel, or nonferrous metals as well as die-casting dies that need to be stored.

SEAL-Filmspray is perfectly suited for the insulation of electric connections, switches and plugs. Unsurpassed for sealing all sorts of surfaces.

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