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Dogs frequently attack joggers, walkers, postmen and children. Depending on the size of the biting dog the consequences of such attacks are often drastic: from serious injuries to disfigurements and mutilations. But you can protect yourself – by means of Anti-Dog.

Like wolves, dogs are biologically programmed by their instincts and behavioural patterns to hunt down their prey. Quick or hasty movements, as they are quite common with joggers, mailmen or kids, arouse the dog's natural instinct to hunt. The dog's nature involves catastrophic consequences. Remaining motionless and talking calmly to the dog can make the animal less aggressive and may prevent it from attacking. If this does not seem to help, then Anti-Dog spray can save you in this dangerous situation.

Direct the spray-beam right onto the muzzle and eyes and the attacking dog will be stopped immediately and will retreat. The special combination of ingredients and the powerful beam of the spray protect you safely.
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